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About Mirata

To understand how Mirata came to be, let’s go back to 1995 and meet Syclo, LLC, a software company founded by Rich Padula that improved business processes through the use of mobile technology. Over the years, Syclo gained 1,000 customers in 39 countries, and supported 19 different languages.

Syclo found success in eliminating paperwork and streamlining maintenance and inventory processes with our mobile solutions, ultimately saving 45 minutes per day per technician and cutting administrative costs by updating systems directly. However, in many companies, there were regulatory forms that orbited around the maintenance and engineering groups that we worked with. Companies were aware of the inefficiencies of not using software to organize regulatory forms, but the expense of implementing this type of system proved to be too costly to be a practical business decision. Syclo architected a way to add dynamic forms to it’s software platform, but before implementation, Syclo was acquired by SAP. Fast forward 5 years to 2018 and the lack of dynamic software was still a pain point for organizations.

Enter, Mirata.

Rich was talking with several of Syclo’s old customers to better understand why there were still so many paper forms within their organizations. As part of these discussions, we received over 200 forms from 40 different companies, and realized that our background left us well equipped to discover a solution to handle these complex forms. With a majority of our experienced development team from Syclo, Mirata has an intimate understanding of SAP functionality and a dynamic forms solution already mapped out. In 2019, we were ready to create a platform approach and finally provide companies with a solution that could save companies time while crushing implementation costs all while empowering non-technical people to create these digital forms. At Mirata, we are excited to have the opportunity to return to helping companies that we have held relationships with for over 20 years through Syclo, and are excited to expand our outreach and share our Dynamic Forms Solution!

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